Ambassador Dog Training | Taunton | Somerset

Ambassador Dog Training was established to help owners of puppies and older dogs who are not able, or prefer not to attend training classes held in the evenings. It is run by Maureen Regan and Maralyn Hughes who each have 30 years experience in training all breeds of dogs from a Chihuahua to a Great Dane.

We use reward based training methods combined with the best traditional training techniques which always rewards the dog with either praise, edible treats or their favourite toy whichever is most important to your dog.

Our objectives are for owners to have a well behaved, well mannered sociable dog that is a joy and pleasure to take out and about. That will come back when its called and walk on a loose lead.

The Dog Training Lessons are run on Tuesdays in West Monkton Taunton, starting at 9:30am.

Start from the beginning with your puppy in one of our socialisation / training classes which continues into a 8 training week course.

  • Classes are held during the day.
  • Puppy socialisation / training classes for puppies that are fully vaccinated
  • 8 week training courses for dogs from 5/6 months to any age
  • All breeds accepted
  • One to one training available