Ambassador Dog Training - Testimonals

Here are just some of the emails we have received from clients who have attended Ambassador Dog Training and have found the classes benefical, invaluable and enjoyable.

 I would just like to say a BIG thank you to you both for giving Ernie the best start in life!

 It has not only given Ernie a wonderful experience, it has made me confident in continuing the techniques and training you have shown me ..

I know that Ernie has thoroughly enjoyed his time with you, as have I ,and we shall miss you both.

I will happily recommend your training classes to friends, family,colleagues , or whoever is looking to train their dog !

Many thanks, 
Dawn and Ernie


Just wanted to say thank you so much for all the time and effort spent with myself and KC. You have both made me feel at ease not only in my training but also with the confidence needed out and about and around other dogs. KC is an absolute delight to be with and always gets lots of wonderful comments wherever we go. We will both miss our Tuesdays at dog school.

Nadine and KC

I would highly recommend Ambassador Dog Training. For more than 3 years we were struggling with our Collie and Spaniel. The Spaniel was just naughty on walks but the Collie was extremely agressive towards
other dogs, no matter how big or small they were. It became so bad that none of our family enjoyed taking them out and therefore the dogs became pent-up and unhappy.
Maureen and Maralyn visited us on the 13th February (2012) and 'taught' us how to communicate with the dogs and show them what WE wanted. We were given a set of 'rules' to follow which we have been doing. Nearly a month down the line and we can take the dogs out without incident. All in all, a much happier and healthier
household. On behalf of our lovely WELL BEHAVED dogs - Thank you!

U. Martin - Bridgwater


"Thank you to Ambassador Dog Training for Roxy now being able to control her excitement when meeting other dogs on the lead.  The transformation is amazing.  Our lovely young GSD rescue was a nightmare on the lead and we dreaded meeting other dogs as she would pull, jump and bark making a spectacle of herself and us as bad handlers.  When a GSD is barking, people don’t generally look beyond the jaw to see a wagging tail.  We can now stop and talk to other dog walkers and let the dogs sniff each other to say hello without any drama.  We still have plenty to work on, but know we can progress in leaps and bounds now we have the foundation from the course with you."

 Janet with Roxy  


"Thank you very much for yesterday’s lesson, I was impressed and went home full of confidence and enthusiasm."

Jane with Holly

" Dear Maureen and Maralyn
Gosh, I didn't realise how hard it is to type with paws - when Liz uses the laptop, she does it so quickly.
So this is a short note with a BIG message - Thank You.
Thank You both so very much for all your help and guidance at my puppy socialisation lessons and the follow on training.
I like the idea of the sausages for treats, and I have specifically requested that these continue at home. I know Liz is also very grateful for all the support and advice that was available, which has given her more confidence to look after me and continue with my training
I received my Certificate and Photo today - don't I look good, relaxed lead and sitting comfortably!! 
Thank You again - this will be put in pride of place very near my cage.
Best wishes for the future and I look forward to meeting again for revision. "
woof woof
 (and Liz) 

"Firstly thanks for a great seven weeks  -  I'm sure I learned more than Barney did.  Secondly thanks for the photograph and certificate they were both unexpected and very welcome. Barney is progressing well, I've even risked letting him off the lead a couple of times & he has returned when called. Anyway thanks once again. I wish you continued success with Ambassador and I will be in touch should I have any issues, or if I need retraining!"

Paul with Barney

"Thank you so much for all your help so far with Biscuit. I definitely feel that we’re on the right path now. Having said that,  I would really like to book in for a second training course, to build on what we’ve learned so far."

Emily with Biscuit 

"Cash and I quite miss our mornings with you. If you could hear some of the compliments that Cash gets about his behaviour / friendliness from people we meet, and especially other dog owners I feel you would be quite proud of one of your pupils, a good job he doesn't understand as he could get quite big headed!Just in case you haven't noticed, I am quite proud of Cash, an absolutely delightful dog, not that there isn't room for improvement in his obedience, training still ongoing. So finally many thanks for your help / guidance with Cash, much learned, most put into practice and I hope he continues to be a testimony to your patient training and teaching methods."

John with Cash